Core Values

Simple & Convenient
Efficient & Safe
Professional & Focus
Smart Office
Multi-terminal Synchronization
Unified Coordination
System Integration
We can manage meeting rooms, desks, reception, network, audio and video equipment and access control in a unified and smart manner, so as to reduce operation and management costs;
By providing such functions as unified platform-based management, support for multi-terminal facilities and integration of multiple application systems, we deliver simpler and more convenient background management and staff use experience;
and we also guarantee security of applications and data of enterprises through end-to-end encryption transmission of data, perfect security certification mechanism and role-based authorization management.
In one word, with over 20 years of experience in Network System Integration and more than 10 years in Independent Software Development, Wafer is committed to promoting development of smart Internet- and platform-based applications,
We provide smart office network, hardware and software equipment as well as physical space, which can deliver smarter office management to companies.
With our support Exchange, Office365, Google, Windows, iOS, Android and the like can be used synchronously on multiple terminals.
With more than 30 smart office applications available for enterprises, we can satisfy their demands on communication and coordination in a one-stop and all-round manner.
By integrating various hardware and software systems and smart physical facilities (access control, lighting, air-conditioning, etc.), we can build a unified smart platform for enterprises.

Typical Cases

  • Wafer Systems audio & video meeting solutions, China Guangfa Bank has built an unattended self-service network system, thus becoming the first unattended self-service bank.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart meeting room management, smart signage and smart wireless solutions have helped SAIC Volkswagen establish modern and smart Internet-based plants.

  • With the help of Wafer’s smart network, smart wireless, unified collaboration and security management solutions, SOHO 3Q set the trend for smart and mobile Internet-based office.

  • Wafer’s Smart Desk solution has helped Pfizer realize smart and mobile office businesses in Beijing Office, Shanghai Office and other offices, dramatically reducing its office rental costs.

  • Wafer’s smart meeting room management and smart signage solutions have assisted Sanofi to manage more than 100 meeting rooms in a conveniently and efficiently, which has effectively improved the utilization efficiency of its meeting rooms.

  • Supported by Wafer’s Mobile Office Portal solution, AVIC has integrated dozens of businesses and management systems and migrate them to mobile terminals, thus building a convenient, efficient and safe mobile office environment.

  • Wafer's solutions, such as unified communication, meeting room management, smart signage and document management, have assisted it to build comprehensive smart offices.

  • Wafer’s triage and queue management system, smart signage, and remote consultation/video meeting solutions have helped to realize smart treatment and remote consultation.

  • Wafer’s smart wireless, unified communication, telepresence and other solutions offer assistance in establishing a modern, smart network system and a remote consultation platform.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart wireless and data center solutions have donated to building a smart and safe international-level campus network.

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  • Finance
  • Buildings & Parks
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical care
  • Logistics & Retail
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