How to display avatar if there is no time to change it?

Virsical system can automatically generate a lovely avatar according to a person's name.

There is too much trouble to save phone numbers of colleagues. People often find that they forgot to save the contact number when they want to contact a colleague.

Virsical Contacts supports saving contact numbers in the cloud. People can find it anywhere at anytime.

Method 1: No need to save the contact information. Just enter name, telephone number or position for search.

Method 2: Contact information is so complete that you can directly make a call or send a massage.

Method 3: Agenda, massages, emails, teleconference and voice notifications can be initiated quickly.

Is it supported to @ someone in the group chat?

Yes. You can press his/her avatar in the group chat and hold or use the @ search function to @ him/her.

Is previewing the picture before sending supported?


Is playing the voice massage by speaker supported?

Yes.When the phone approaches to your ear, the distance sensor will automatically switch to the speaker to play the voice message.

Is loop-checking of unread messages supported?

YesDirectly double click the title to check the scrolling unread messages.

What should I do as I often forget to sign in?

Virsical Mobile Attendance System will give a warning on and off duty. In addition, it supports iBeacon and can match wireless/GPS positioning perfectly. It will remind you to sign in, ensuring you never forget.

What should I do if I find the state is wrong when signing in in a hurry?

The system supports the clicking-point function. You just need to confirm your right point before going to work.

Considering the time in the morning is precious, what should I do if the state is still incorrect even though I sign in and refresh it for many times?

The system can select the accurate place.

What should I do if I want other colleagues to check my attendance record?

The system provides the ”Copy to” function so that you can sign in and select “Copy to” to send your attendance record. And the receivers can check your attendance state of the day.

How to operate: Sign in and select “Copy to”, enter the account numbers you’ll copy to, click the icon on top right to check, select one of the account numbers in “Copy to”, and check the specific sign-in state.

What should I do if I always forget important things?

The system supports in-advance booking for daily agenda, so that you can do what you should do as scheduled.

Does the Virsical system support setting reminders for next-week agenda as there is a lot of work to wind up on Friday?

Yes. You can set the starting time and the reminding time for each agenda.

Can I share my agenda with my colleagues as I need to work with him/her?

Yes. You just need to add his/her name in your sharer list.

Can I add meetings into my agenda?

Yes. The meeting will be automatically added to your agenda after you reply to attend it.

What should I do if my manager temporarily arranges a lot of work I should never forget?

The system allows you to add backlogs and can give a timely reminding.

Does the system support reminding message of daily reports?

Yes. The reminding message of daily reports can be added on the homepage of the mobile office portal.

Is marking the important reports supported?

Yes. Identifiers such as man-hour, progress and importance are available when you fill in the daily report.

What should I do if I find I haven’t written the daily report when I arrive home in the evening?

The system allows you to write your report on your mobile phone, which saves time and effort. In addition, such report is easy to view.

How can I send a message to many people instantly?

With the mobile office portal voice notification, you can use apps to send voice notifications and the receivers will receive them as incoming calls.The system allows you to send the voice notifications by group so as to handle emergencies quickly.

What should I do if my international customers want to communicate with me immediately while I am on the high-speed train?

The system allows you to take a phone conference with high-quality tone quality whenever and wherever possible.

What should I do if my customers refuse to pick up the cold call as my phone is out of power?

Virsical Teleconference system allows you to switch between switchboard and individual phones on demand. You just need to change another phone and call the customer.

Are other colleagues allowed to attend the meeting in case customers propose professional questions?

Virsical Teleconference supports many meeting control ways, so you can add or remove attendees. No matter how many requirements you have, they will be satisfied.

If a contact in my mobile phone contacts have several numbers, is it supported to invite other people to attend the meeting by selecting the phone number?

Yes. You can make your choice on demand in case the external attendees have several contacts.

What should I do if I want to hold a meeting tomorrow?

The Virsical system supports meeting booking, and you can make your booking with your mobile phone whenever and wherever you can.

Will the system automatically notify attendees in case the meeting booking is made?

Yes. The system will automatically send a notice by email or message to the attendees as soon as you make the booking.

Does the Virsical system support booking regular meetings once for all?

Yes. Once you book a regular meeting successfully, such booking will be effective for many times.

Does the system support making meeting booking with PC?


Can I have a face-to-face communication with my customers in other places?

If the parties are in different places, you can select both the physical meeting room and the WebEx meeting room when you make booking.Parties can attend the meeting as required by the process after the meeting starts, and then share your desktop and documents for synchronization of the meeting (You are allowed to select multiple physical meeting rooms at the same time but only one meeting room for WebEx.)

Does the Virsical system allow to notify external attendees to attend the WebEx meeting?

Yes. External attendees will receive a meeting link once a WebEx meeting is booked.External attendees can attend the meeting by clicking the link just as the internal attendees do.

How can I attend the WebEx meeting without my PC as I am on business trip?

You can log in the mobile phone office app, and download Webex in My Applications. Click the meeting link to attend the meeting, and you can be present in the video meetings easily.

There is too much trouble to book meetings manually. Does the Virsical system support creating group meeting?

Yes. The mobile office portal supports creating a meeting as the group chat continues. You can add a meeting in the group chat interface, and then directly pull the group members to the booked meeting.

How to operate: click “+” to add meeting, and then go to the “Book Meeting” interface.

Does the Virsical system support IPhone 6s 3D Touch?

The Virsical mobile office portal matches IPhone 6s 3D Touch technologies. If you use IPhone 6s, you can press APP icon for a long time to create a quick application, which simplified your operation.

Does the Virsical system support scanning the QR code?

Yes. The Virsical mobile office portal has a new function “Scan QR Code”, so that you just need to open the browser to scan the QR code without logging in your WeChat.

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