• Virsical Smart Workspace 2.2 Launch Officially


    Virsical smart workspace 2.2 increases various functions, including fixed workspace management, statistics and inquiry; strengthening authority division and management;

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  • Smart Signage: Deeply Integrate Information Release with Your Business


    Virsical Smart Signage System is capable to play Office resources, which supports multiple playback device and stream media living broadcast; provides standard third-party interface, closely integrating with customer’s own business; combining information release with system management.

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  • Wafer Systems on Philips VAP Summit in 2017


    The Philips VAP summit of 2017 was held from May 10th to May 12th with the theme of "Joint Efforts & Success"

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  • Wafer Won Innovation Award of 2017


    Cisco, thinking highly of Wafer Systems’ practices and innovations in digital marketing, awarded us Cisco Global Digital Marketing Innovation Award of 2017 and held an awarding ceremony at its Global Marketing Velocity of 2017.

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  • Virsical 3.0 Officially Launch


    Virsical 3.0 Smart innovative product and platform officially released recently. It supports company address book, instant message, teleconference, video conference, attendance, meeting room reservation, announcement, news and file;

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  • Wafer Systems Held Salon on Made in China 2025 Promoting Enterprise IT Innovation

    December 17, 2015

    Recently, Wafer Systems and Cisco held the Salon on Made in China 2025 Promoting Enterprise IT Innovation in Nanxun, Zhejiang.The industrial and technical experts from Wafer System and Cisco had a heated discussion and exchange with nearly 60 IT managers from well-known large manufacturers and foreign-funded enterprises like Sanofi, Roche, Asiapharm Group Limited, Nielsen and Xunda, about the impact of Made in China 2025 on the transformation and innovation of China’s large enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises as well as on the challenges and transformation that it has brought to IT.

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  • Wafer Systems (Xi’an) Attended Huawei Developers Conference

    October 28, 2015

    Recently, Wafer Systems (Xi’an) Software Co., Ltd attended Huawei Developers Conference 2015, presenting Virsical Cloud Office and VsCall for Business, a new product for teleconferences, among others. Yang Shaojun, General Manger of Wafer Systems (Xi’an), delivered a keynote speech entitled “Embrace a Coordinating Communication Cloud Era Enabled by CaaS” at the conference, exploring the development trend of the mobile Internet as well as the strategies and solutions that enterprises should take accordingly. And he received a video interview upon the completion of the conference.

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  • Wafer Systems and Cisco Jointly Held Seminar on Smart Network Promoting Enterprise Innovation

    September 29, 2015

    Recently, Wafer Systems joined hands with Cisco to hold the Seminar on Smart Network Promoting Enterprise Innovation, making more enterprises know and recognize Cisco's Smart Network and IoE Products as well as Wafer Systems' Smart Office solutions.

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  • Wafer Systems Won the Bid for SOHO3Q Mobile Office Project

    June 19, 2015

    Wafer Systems stood out from all its competitors, winning the bid for the SOHO3Q Mobile Office Project of SOHO China recently.

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  • Wafer Systems and Cisco Jointly Held Themed Salon on Mobile Internet Promoting Enterprise Innovation

    April 17, 2015

    The salon aimed to help traditional enterprises with an overall understanding of the trend of the mobile Internet which has exerted the profound influence on them. And it also promoted traditional enterprises to leverage the Internet and “Mobile Internet Plus” for their innovation and transformation so as to enhance their competitive edge.

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  • Wafer Systems and Its Partners Jointly Held Corporate Virtualization Solution Seminar

    March 27, 2015

    Wafer Systems joined hands with well-known companies like China Entercom and VMware to successfully hold a seminar in Shanghai, with a theme “From Dream to Practice and from Local to Remote: Virtualization Solutions Empower Enterprises to Break Bottlenecks”.

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  • Wafer Systems and Cisco Jointly Held the New Generation Smart Medical Network Seminar

    March 27, 2015

    Wafer Systems joined hands with Cisco to successfully hold the New Generation Smart Medical Network Seminar on March 26,at which heated discussions and exchanges revolved around the hot topics, including the network- and IT-related challenges facing hospitals in the new medical system, strategies for establishing network infrastructure, experience in establishing the telemedicine, planning in smart patient assistance system, and establishment of mobile medical portals.

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