Wafer Systems and Cisco Jointly Held the New Generation Smart Medical Network Seminar

Wafer Systems joined hands with Cisco to successfully hold the New Generation Smart Medical Network Seminar on March 26,

at which heated discussions and exchanges revolved around the hot topics, including the network- and IT-related challenges facing hospitals in the new medical system, strategies for establishing network infrastructure, experience in establishing the telemedicine, planning in smart patient assistance system, and establishment of mobile medical portals.

This was the first time that Wafer Systems had held the meeting via the livestreaming video. Persons in charge of the informatization from nearly 200 key hospitals nationwide registered for attendance, over 90 of whom made their presence.Those present made exchanges with experts from Wafer Systems and Cisco about the strategies that hospitals would make in response to the new medical and new mobile Internet, allowing them an in-depth understanding of Wafer Systems’ medical solutions, and raising its brand awareness in the industry.

Videos, data, PPTs and pictures regarding the seminar are getting sorted out for filing, and will be available from the internal server next Friday.

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