Wafer Systems Won the Bid for SOHO3Q Mobile Office Project

Wafer Systems stood out from all its competitors, winning the bid for the SOHO3Q Mobile Office Project of SOHO China recently.

As a new type of office in the mobile Internet era and a new product launched by SOHO China, SOHO3Q aims to create a brand-new concept for renting offices. And it provides a wide range of office hardware and software so that tenants can move in at any time and access high-speed office network and Internet, but without the need for any network staff and hardware, reducing the equipment loss.

In this project, Wafer Systems managed to build a flat and full-redundancy backbone for the new office building, so that WiFi signals are strong with uniform coverage, ensuring high-quality network performance for the increased number of tenants and staff and fulfilling their varied business demands.

In addition to offering convenient access to network, Wafer Systems also combined Cisco ISE System and the latest BE7K virtualization solutions to fully guarantee the network security. Once implemented, this will identify, authorize and track each user ID, and monitor their activities to prevent illegal events and protect users’ investment.

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