Wafer Systems (Xi’an) Attended Huawei Developers Conference

Recently, Wafer Systems (Xi’an) Software Co., Ltd attended Huawei Developers Conference 2015, presenting Virsical Cloud Office and VsCall for Business, a new product for teleconferences, among others. Yang Shaojun, General Manger of Wafer Systems (Xi’an), delivered a keynote speech entitled “Embrace a Coordinating Communication Cloud Era Enabled by CaaS” at the conference, exploring the development trend of the mobile Internet as well as the strategies and solutions that enterprises should take accordingly. And he received a video interview upon the completion of the conference.

Over the past few years, business informatization has undergone a rapid growth. Against this background, CIOs and IT departments have to not only establish and innovate their IT systems by transferring from fixed end to mobile end, but also integrate their communication capabilities with IT systems, in a bid to acquire unified IT and telecommunication service capabilities.

Wafer Systems (Xi’an) Software Co., Ltd., an independent software developer, serves a great number of foreign-funded enterprises, governments, and other clients from a wide variety of sectors including medical care, finance, manufacturing and education. Based on its insights into clients’ demands, it has been committed to providing enterprises with a smarter office environment and platform.

Moreover, Wafer Systems (Xi'an) is also an important partner of Huawei in CaaS and wireless business, with its Virsical brand services covering teleconference, network meeting, organizational infrastructure, physical meeting room booking, agenda, tasks, daily work reports, approval, attendance, etc. It also provides Smart Office solutions that integrate Smart WiFi, Smart Signage, Smart Desk, Smart Coordination and Smart Energy. All these services and solutions enables the company to help governments and enterprises build a completely mobile and smart office environment.

Mr. Yang pointed out that it was due to Huawei's comprehensive capabilities and technical strengths in BYOD, CaaS, wireless technology, business telecommunication, and agile network as well as to their agreement with Wafer Systems’ solutions that Wafer Systems is focusing on the fields of multi-party call, teleconference, video conference, SMS templates and wireless technology to cooperate with Huawei on all sides, aiming to provide governments and enterprises with better one-stop smart and mobile office services.

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