Wafer Systems Held Salon on Made in China 2025 Promoting Enterprise IT Innovation

Recently, Wafer Systems, together with Cisco, has successfully held a Salon on Made in China 2025 Promoting Enterprise IT Innovation in Nanxun, Zhejiang province.

Over 60 persons including the IT managers from well-known enterprises like Sanofi, Roche, Asiapharm Group Limited, Bosideng, Nielsen and Xunda attended the salon. And the industrial and technical experts from Wafer Systems and Cisco had a heated discussion on the impact of Made in China 2025 on the transformation and innovation of China’s enterprises as well as on the challenges and transformation that it has brought to IT.

Leaders from Wafer Systems pointed out in the speech that Made in China 2025 is an initiative for China to conduct a new-round technical revolution and industrial transformation.IT and informatization play an important role in the Made in China 2025 strategy. Informatization is not only a foundation for China’s manufacturers to strategically transform themselves on a 10-year basis, but also a new engine for them to realize business innovation.Cisco and Wafer Systems were committed to leveraging Internet Plus, Smart Network and Smart Manufacturing to help China’s enterprises with such transformation and innovation.

In addition, Wafer Systems and Cisco made profound discussions with IT managers on the topics like “Internet + Smart Manufacturing” and “Made in China and Mobile Office Applications for Businesses”.IT managers were keenly interested in how to use new technologies and approaches like IoT, Industry 4.0, Internet Plus, mobile Internet, and cloud computing to cope with the changes and challenges in the manufacturing, sale and marketing of enterprises. They also made in-depth exchanges with experts in the industry.

Through the salon, Wafer Systems and Cisco allowed IT managers an in-depth understanding of the strategies and goals of Made in China 2025 as well as the challenges it has brought to IT and informatization. In addition, the two companies provided IT managers with IT strategies, methods and approaches to cope with transformation and innovation that China’s manufacturers will perform in the next decade, in an effort to help upgrade and transform China’s manufacturers.

Group Photo in the Salon
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