Smart Signage: Deeply Integrate Information Release with Your Business

Virsical Smart Signage System is capable to play Office resources, which supports multiple playback device and stream media living broadcast; provides standard third-party interface, closely integrating with customer’s own business; combining information release with system management.

Since 2016, Virsical Smart Signage System has been continuously upgraded its functions and landed successfully in a great number of governments and large-scale enterprises, such as Schindler Elevator, Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission, TESO, China Life Insurance.

Queuing System. Wafer Systems successfully deployed medical guiding system in a great number of large-scale hospitals, such as Peking University People’s Hospital, Peking University International Hospital, Shifang People’s Hospital and No.10 Chengdu People’s Hospital. This system combines queuing service with information release in HIS, which could also provides queuing services on video & Audio, protects patient privacy and upgrades medical management. At the same time, with the standard queuing service interface of Smart Signage, Wafer Systems successfully deployed booking system in Geely Automotive Reserch Institute, including the functions of online booking, notice and queuing via We-chat.

Tele-Medicine. Integrating with Cisco MCU, Virsical Smart Signage System, with the new functions of online education and online examinations, had been successfully deployed in Beijing Huaxin Hospita, Zhenzhou Children’s Hospital and other hospitals.

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