Virsical Smart Workspace 2.2 Launch Officially

Virsical smart workspace 2.2 increases various functions, including fixed workspace management, statistics and inquiry; strengthening authority division and management; auto-assign workspace; electronic interface of staff enrolling and resign letter; creating smart and visual workspace management system to effectively manage workspace and save rent.

Major New functions are as follows:

  • - Support digital management, which could reduce management confusions resulted from the large number of workspace.
  • - Support hierarchical management, which could adjust workspace resources according to the actual situation.
  • - Support system interaction, through which you could view using status and improve management efficiency.
  • - Support map management, thought which you could view and adjust workspace layout.
  • - Support workspace resources sharing, facilitating flexibly workspace selection and contradictions reduction among departments.
  • - Support workspace statistics and analyses, providing for workspace management, house rental and leadership decision-making.
  • - Support workspace charging, which is suitable for BU management mode.

For instance, with the office area of 800 square meters, Beijing XX company, in rent of 10 yuan per square meter per day, charges 8000 yuan per day and 240,000 yuan per month. If there are 60 employees occupying 60 workspaces, rent for every workspace is 4000 yuan per month. However, with smart fixed and mobile workspace management, it is possible for 70 employees to occupy 60 workspaces, resulting in a rent saving of 40,000 yuan a month and 480,000 a year, without enlarging or transforming its office environment.

Workspace Map

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