Virsical: A Smart Office Platform

One platform, plus more than 30 office applications, facilitates enterprises in informationization of 7 smart office modules, unifying the background management and customizing, developing and integrating smart office systems, with a view to building a new-generation smart application for you.

Core Values

Simple & Convenient

With Wafer's unified management platform, graphic operation interfaces, some 30 light IT apps, smart office applications and communication service applications,you can enjoy a perfect and smooth new smart office experience.

Safe and Stable

By virtue of various security strategies and application authorization control measures, perfect security certification mechanisms, and security practices of some 100 Fortune Global 500 companies, we can make your applications and data safer.

Integration and Customization

We can integrate existing applications of enterprises and customize and develop new applications quickly, so that you can manage and control office applications through a unified interface, thereby ensuring the application system better meet requirements of business development and strategic objectives.

Open Access Standards

Open access standards provide application certification and access standards open to third-party manufacturers, which will support you with long-term development and subsequent access of enterprise office platforms and application systems.

Integrated Solutions

Virsical Smart Office Platform is a complete set of mobile application interfaces and smart office platforms easy to operate and manage.This platform provides you more than 30 mobile office applications such as smart meetings, smart cubicle, visitor management, agenda, attendance, tasks, approval, teleconference and video conference.In addition to the standard functions, Virsical can customize, develop and integrate original application systems such as HR, financing, OA and CRM, so as to facilitate you to realize smart office on any device anytime and anywhere.


Virsical Smart Office: one platform and more than 30 applications

Smart Meeting Room Booking

Network Meeting


Voice Notification

Daily Report

Mobile Attendance

Agenda Management



Corporate Announcement

Official Accounts

Smart Signage

Smart Reception

Smart Desk Booking

Online Voting

IP telephone

Smart Wireless

Smart Energy

Corporate Email

Online Auction

Document Management

Video Conference

Customized Development

System Integration

Product Architecture

Virsical Smart Office Platform can provide various business office applications with interfaces such as business contacts, instant communication and application market. So you can implement unified certification, message services and application access regulations on all enterprise applications for flexible access management and authorization configuration.It provides effective unified regulations for enterprises to help to integrate current applications and access to new applications, with a view to ensuring well-organized on-demand development and application of smart enterprise office platforms for you.

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