Virsical 3 : A Enterprise Collaboration Solutions and Smart Office Portal

Creates enterprises’own collaboration and communication platform
Establishes enterprises’ own APP market and office portal, providing unified authenticationand
standard third-party interface
Ensures enterprise data security by encrypted storage and transmitting
Runs APP onIOS, Android, Windows 7/10 and MAC
Integrates Smart Meeting, Smart Workspace and Visitor Management, together with enterprises’ existing systems

Key Values

Build Smart Office Portal

Virsical, interconnecting enterprise management with business, helpsyou tobuild a mobile, smart and collaborative officeenvironment - effectively promote your management and facing market changes ability.

PromoteCooperation and Communication Efficiency

Virsical helps you to comprehensively promotecooperation and communication efficiency and create more business value with message, group, teleconference and video conference.

Ensure Data Security and Trace-ability

Virsical ensures enterprise data security by encrypted storage and transmitting timely and safely.

DigitalManagement of Enterprise Resources

Digital management tools, such as Smart Meeting, Smart Workspace and Visitor Management, as well as the third-party applications integration and statistics reports facilitate you to plan and allocate office resources in a rational way.

Integrated Solutions

Virsical 3, a enterprise collaboration solutions and smart office portal, helps to establish enterprises’ own V-chat and smart office platform. Virsical 3 provides you comprehensive collaborative applications in personal communication, team collaboration and corporate management. With message, agenda, contact list, enterprise bulletin, market news, teleconference, video conference, attendance and other collaborative applications as its primary, together with Smart Meetings, Smart Workspace, Visitor Management and Smart WIFI as its assistant, Virsical 3 integrates enterprises’ existing systems, devoting itself to be a smart collaboration platform of enterprise integration.


√  Instant Message and Voice & Video Communication

A variety of communication mode, including words, voices, pictures, documents and location sharing, teleconference and video conference, could be accessed to by PC and cellphone within or outside the enterprises.

√  Enterprise Documents Management and Sharing

Enterprise documents will be encrypted stored. Support checkhistorical documents. Support authorize designated personnel to preview or download documents, if possible.

√  Flexible and Reliable Mobile Attendance

Sign-in on mobile phone with accurate location avoidsemployees’punching for others. Support flexible attendance rules - manage employee groups in different areas and working time with various rules.

√  Integration and Customization

We provide you solutions and technical specifications of centralized management and business assets control, supporting enterprise APP integration, customized service and enterprises’ sustainable developmentIT consultation.

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