Function and Features
Select your own features
Taking attendance remotely, workflow, calendar, voting and surveying, meeting room reservation, work space management, visitor management etc.. You can choose the suitable modules to fit your office culture.
Enterprise contacts
Ever wonder what is the colleague at the other department’s phone number? Virsical is able to save all of the contacts phone, e-mail etc. With instant messenger to make communication effortless.
Access management
Virsical provide a stable platform for all sorts of purpose, our access management technology are able to integrate with different other technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint, QR Code Door Access Control and Enterprise Apps etc..
Security Platform
On-premises deployment with encryption and regular password changes.
Provide a transparent working platform for companies, increase overall staff performance.
Virsical messenger helps companies to increase their communication efficiency.
Our encryption technology can keep your data safe at all time, providing a safe and reliable platform for your companies.