Visitor Management

Virsical Visitor Management System integrates the visitor appointment, notifications and signing in/out with such applications as the all-in-one reception machines, access control, smart WiFi and smart meeting, enabling you to realize various smart applications such as automatic visitor appointment, self-service signing in/out, smart reception, access control authorization and navigation, WiFi account management and visitor statistics.It is widely applied in governments, parks, entrepreneurship spaces, financial institutions as well as large- and medium-size enterprises.

Your Benefit

Your Services Smarter

The Visitor Management System not only helps you improve your corporate image but also help your staff with automatic appointment, notification, inquiry and automatic signing in/out, making your visitor services more automatic and smarter.

Your Visitor Behaviors and Privileges More Controllable

It provides your visitors with processes and privileges for safe access to various resources such as access control, WiFi, visit areas and guide path, making your visitor behaviors and privileges more manageable and controllable.

More Aligned with Public Security Regulations

The system enables you to make visitor information statistics in the remote server or the cloud, which is easier to save and manage and more aligned with corresponding public security regulations than paper-based statistics.

Work Efficiency and Speed Greatly Improved

The system combines visitor appointment, notification and signing in/out with such applications as access control, WiFi and navigation, greatly enhancing the work efficiency of the reception and administrative staff as well as the speed of visitors signing in/out.

Integrated Solution

Virsical Visitor Management System integrates visitor appointment, notification and signing in/out with such applications as all-in-one reception machines, QR code scanning devices, audio/video system, access control, position and navigation, smart WiFi, smart meeting and smart signage, enabling you to realize a number of applications such as smart reception, information release, access control, attendance record, application for WiFi accounts, meeting booking and guidance.Therefore, it can help streamline your visitor appointment process, enhance your control on visitor access and privileges, accelerate visitor’s signing in/out, boosting the work efficiency of your reception and administrative staff. And It is more aligned with corresponding national security regulations.


Visitor Appointment

The Visitor Appointment Function can facilitate your staff or external visitors to appoint the meeting or visit by themselves. It can achieve seamless integration between Smart Meeting Room Booking and Smart Signage as you reserve the meeting rooms.


The system will notify visitors and the reception staff of the confirmation or change of visitor appointment information. After visitors sign in or out, the system will automatically notify the one that makes such appointment by email, SMS or mobile App.

Access Control and Signing in/out Integrated

The Visitor Management System can automatically print the QR code tag or generate the temporary access control card, and authorize the access control system or the gate system for self-service scanning and signing in/out, upon the confirmation of the visitor's identity.

Report Statistics

The system can give you a smart display on personal information, appointment, signing in/out and WiFi use of each visitor through the statement, which is more aligned with corresponding regulations for internal security of enterprises and public institutions.

Extended Applications

√  Positioning and Navigation

The system utilizes WiFi or bluetooth technologies to provide your visitors with WiFi access as well as positioning and navigation services. In the event of an emergency, it can ascertain the number of visitors and their accurate location to keep your visitors safe.

√  Much More Visitors Received and Managed

The system provides comprehensive service solutions covering the all-in-one reception machines, the QR code scanning machines and printers to help you with customized reception services for massive visitors or activities.

√  Agenda Synchronization and Process Approval

The system will automatically synchronize the appointment into corresponding staff agenda and set the reminding function upon the making of an appointment. Moreover, it can allow you to set the permission for approval of the appointment, with a view to curbing the number of visitors.

√  Combined with Smart Signage

The Visitor Management System can be combined with Smart Signage, making it possible for you to set a welcoming speech or play a specific video, offering your visitor’s greater experience.

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