A unified cloud-based communication service platform that features such core functions as teleconference, video meetings, voice notifications and desktop sharing, with an access to your mobile Apps, desktop clients, video and audio hardware equipment and so on at any time, bringing you a seamless, efficient, safe and coordinated office experience.

Your Benefit

Easy to Operate and Convenient to Maintain

Deployed in the cloud and used on demand, the system offers you efficient and convenient voice and video communication service once connected to the Internet, helping you realize instant trans-equipment, trans-regional and trans-application communication at any time.

Best Cost Performance

Compared with the deployment of traditional hardware or private cloud, the system has a competitive price and better services due to PSTN-based carrier-grade voice quality of teleconference, deployment of cloud-based MCU video meeting servers.

Perfect Operation and Control Experience

It can be accessed via mobile Apps, desktop clients, audio and video hardware devices and so on at any time without being restricted by devices, Apps and locations. In addition, it allows for all-round meeting control operation such as reservation, recording, muting, video recording and picture control.

Better Coordination

It dispenses with traditional Internet phones and Internet videos but cooperates with telecom operators, providing you with high-quality carrier-grade voice communication services and video communication services, and bringing you the best communication and coordination experience.

Integrated Solution

VsCall/VsVision offers you a chance to experience a brand-new, simple and efficient coordinated office

VsCall/VsVision is a complete unified communication platform for business which can access and integrate with the hardware of Cisco, Huawei, Grandstream and so on. It is applied to mobile Apps and Windows Clients, providing many functions such as teleconference, video meeting, voice notification, desktop sharing and task, so that you can obtain a new unified coordinated office experience no matter where you are, which device you use and what method you take.


PSTN-based carrier-grade teleconference can not only guarantee your voice quality but also be initiated by one key. It allows up to 400 parties to attend the conference with an access to hardware phones and video equipment. In additions, it provides operations such as meeting reservation, recording, muting, and dynamically adding and removing attendees.
Video Conference
It allows PCs, mobile Apps, and hardware of Huawei, Grandstream and others to access teleconference, and provides functions like desktop sharing, audio recording, video recording and picture control.
Voice Notification
The function allows you to send or receive voice confirmation message accurately and quickly at any time. It allows for reception check at any time and for resending the short message.
Address Book
The function enables you to initiate a teleconference or video conference by calling the "Individual Address Book" to achieve the real-time communication, and to save the contacts in your mobile phone at one click, offering you great convenience and agility.
With carrier-grade calling quality (PSTN-based), it supports fuzzy searches as well as unified payment and settlement.
The function allows you to initiate the post-meeting decisions, send tasks and check the reception and progress at any time so as to enhance communication efficiency.


All Terminal Devices Covered

It can access PCs, mobile Apps, IP phones as well as audio and video hardware devices of Cisco, Huawei, Grandstream and the like to guarantee your communication at any time and anywhere.

More Flexible to Operate

It supports various meeting control operations such as meeting reservation, recording, muting, adding or removing attendees at any time, video recording and picture control.

Quality and Security Guaranteed

Cooperation with telecom operators and support from technical platforms make VsCall for Business more stable with guaranteed quality and security.

Higher-Efficiency Communication and Coordination

Phones, messages, voice notifications, teleconference and video meetings are combined with task management to make meetings, communication and coordination more efficient.

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