Solution Introduction
Virsical has an in-depth understanding of the pain points of enterprise conference management.

By integrating Feishu and its own professional advantages, Virsical creates a combination of Feishu's advanced cloud conference platform and Cisco's professional conference terminals, all-scenario and full-process intelligence Conference solution - "Feishu-Cisco-Virsical" joint conference solution, to help enterprises realize the intelligent uplift of work efficiency and conference experience.
Solution features
The "Feishu-Cisco-Virsical" solution provides one-click advance meeting booking, easy sharing during the meeting, automatic generation of meeting minutes, real-time tracking after the meeting, etc., to enable the closed-loop meeting management of "preparation before the meeting, communication during the meeting, and realization after the meeting", and effectively save time and resources and improve meeting efficiency.
The "Feishu-Cisco-Virsical" solution can intelligently cover the whole process of conference management, and is compatible with many video conferencing software and video conferencing hardware devices from different manufacturers, and reduce enterprise usage costs.
The "Feishu-Cisco-Virsical" provides a Device as a Service type Managed Service solution to help enterprises quickly launch, deploy easily, and meet the asset-light subscription model. According to the usage scenarios and business characteristics of different enterprise users, we provide tailor-made intelligent office solutions.

Small meeting room

Medium meeting room

Large meeting room