Function and Features
Flexible office
On-demand appointment use, digital-driven space allocation, efficient work, smart office.
Contactless service
Reserve space through mobile devices, apply for electronic vouchers, self-service access and use.
Administrative digitalization
visitors, smart conferences, space management, photo walls, smart toilets, space navigation, smart guidance, lockers, document exchange cabinets, small post offices, office supplies, invoice self-service machines, smart access control, smart security, solutions for global application scenarios.
Building energy savings
Automatic release of space, non-inductive traffic, adaptive environment adjustment, energy saving and low carbon.
Digital assets
Use data retention throughout the process, assist in decision-making in administrative space, and promote digitized enterprise operations.
Visual management
Space resources, environmental dynamics, dynamic release of energy consumption indicators, global perception in the administrative cockpit.
Customer Value
Efficient management
Assist the construction of enterprise mobile office portal, collaborate enterprise management with business, and improve enterprise management efficiency.
Smooth cooperation
Improve the efficiency of enterprise, team collaboration and communication through messages, groups, meetings and other collaborations.
Data security
Extensive measures from storage to transmission encryption policies, security policies, to maintain message timeliness and ensure corporate data security.