Function and Features
Data collection and analysis
Businesses can understand better of the effectiveness of their own operations, increase the speed of response and return on relevant decisions. Improved insight and control can create a positive impact on all aspects of utilisation, whether in rental and self-build projects, or in terms of space utilization and energy consumption.
“Converged” solutions
Real intelligence is made possible by increasing the interconnection between acquisition and collation that provides data and analytics and process automation. Offers solutions that span elements of leasing, costing, space management, asset maintenance, environmental and energy management - and combine them all on a single technology platform Management system structure.
Managed System Structure
Provides a high degree of visibility, controllability and automation cross-functional capabilities, as well as a management system structure that is "simplified to the most extent".
Spatial Data
Provide operational, target and performance data across portfolios, regions, locations or spaces.
Space Optimization
Provide workplace reservation management for office and enable integrated use of conference rooms and other equipment.
Space Consultation
Virsical provides customer space consultation and business-oriented space planning.