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  • Wafer Systems audio & video meeting solutions have assisted Guangfa to build an unattended self-service network system, with which China Guangfa Bank has become the first unattended self-service bank.

  • Wafer Systems solutions such as unified communication, meeting room management, smart signage and document management have assisted it to build comprehensive smart offices.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart wireless and data center solutions have helped to build a smart and safe international-level campus network.

Smart Office in One Key

  • Smart Meeting

    Virsical Smart Meeting System supports multiple booking ways such as Outlook, Google, web and mobile phone apps. It supports notifications such as email and messages. In addition, it supports terminal display devices such as tablets, smart TVs and all-in-one machines.Booking and management become simpler and more convenient, efficient and intuitive.

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  • Smart Workspace

    Various booking ways such as WeChat, apps, web pages and all-in-one reception machines are supported. Virsical Smart Desk Booking System can be integrated with the access control system, IP phones, lighting and electronic desk cards so as to help to optimize desk resources in a smart manner, improve desk use efficiency and effectively reduce office rental.

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  • Smart Signage

    Virsical Smart Signage can videos, audios, pictures, subtitles, Office documents, PDF documents and predefined information of the meeting rooms to a variety of display terminals via network so as to manage the whole process of releasing the multimedia content.More convenient operation, more flexible display, and simpler management.

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  • Visitor Management

    Virsical Visitor Management integrates visitor booking system, QR-code scanning equipment, audio, video, access control, smart wireless and smart signage to realize a number of application scenarios such as smart reception, information release, access control, attendance record, application for wireless accounts, meeting booking and guidance.

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  • Smart Office

    Virsical Smart Office Platform is a complete set of mobile application interfaces and smart office platforms easy to operate and manage.This platform provides more than 30 mobile office applications such as smart meetings, smart desk, visitor management, agenda, attendance, tasks, approval, teleconference and video meeting.

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  • VsCall/VsVision

    VsCall/VsVision is a complete unified platform integrating communication and software and hardware, with multiple functions such as teleconference, video meeting, voice notification and desktop sharing.It can be connected with audio and video hardware devices of Cisco, Grandstream, Huawei and other popular brands. It is the best-of-choice meeting, coordination and communication solution for enterprises.

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Core Values


Reduce operation and management costs by unified and smart management of meeting rooms, desks, reception, network, audio and video equipment and access control.

Simple & Convenient

Simpler and more convenient background management and staff use experience due to unified platform-based management, support of multi-terminal facilities and integration of multiple application systems.

Efficient & Safe

End-to-end encryption transmission of data, perfect security certification mechanism and role-based authorization management can guarantee security of applications and data of enterprises.

Professional & Focus

Wafer is committed to promoting smart development of Internet and platform-based applications with over 20 years of experience in Network System Integration and more than 10 years in Independent Software Development.

Strategic Partners

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