Function and Features
Meeting room search / enquiry / reservation
Users can easily obtain information such as location, size and facility etc., through PC web and mobile application platform. It also supports multiple reservations in different locations and booking records.
Meeting room display panel
Support POE display, Red, Amber and Green lighting around the tablet, slim meeting room display; it can also support IOS, Smart TV and path way for the meeting room.
Additional extensions that co-ordinate with Virsical
Smart meeting can bi-direction integrate well with Exchange/ Office 365, Google calendar etc. Virsical can also arrange Webex, webcam meetings, telephone conferences, as well as connecting with the centralized control panel and sensors in the meeting rooms.
Additional Smart hardware integration
Exchange/Office 365、或Google Calendar等会议预订 Meeting Room Dashboard with Corporate Message broadcasting, lighting and curtains control, smart glass, wireless projector and electronic white board etc.
Digital Management
Solving meeting room’s reservation in one click and effectively manage your meeting rooms.
Quality Conference Services
Manage meeting rooms as well as meeting rooms equipment, increasing the occupancies and quality of your meeting.
Efficient Utilization of Resources
Occupancy report can help the company to have capacity planning and improve room usage effectively.