"Microsoft-Virsical" Metaverse Solutions
The Metaverse will be a supportive shared experience across the real and digital worlds. As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, the Metaverse can help people meet in a digital environment, using virtual avatars/avatars to make meetings more comfortable and foster creative collaboration from around the world.

"Based on "Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces", the "Microsoft-Virsical" provides a new perspective that helps managers gain insight into how customers move and interact in retail stores, employees on factory floors and more, and how to optimize health and safety in a hybrid work environment Management. People are able to interact in any space such as retail stores, factory floors, etc. through AI-driven models and observational data.
Microsoft-based low-code solution
With the rise of digital transformation and the shift to remote working, businesses must offer new mobile applications that enable employees to stay productive, collaborative and efficient. Virsical provides intelligent solutions based on Microsoft's low-code platform, which could not only provide support for employees without technical application building skills, but also serve professional developers well, helping enterprise teams to easily and quickly build low-code applications to Modernize processes, solve tough business challenges, and increase enterprise agility.
Solution based on Microsoft Teams
Virsical's digital administrative office solutions build a more intelligent and open space, improve enterprise production efficiency, give employees a humanized experience, save resources and reduce waste, and create perceptible, thinking, warm, and evolving wisdom for enterprises Comfortable office space. Virsical has joined hands with Microsoft to create digital administrative office solutions, covering multiple areas of corporate administration, including workstation management, conference management, visitor management, access management, locker management, toilet space management, space asset management, etc. The module, combined with the Internet of Things technology, builds an enterprise digital twin intelligent management platform based on Teams, realizes the intelligent management of people, objects and space, improves the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making, avoids waste of resources, and helps enterprises to embark on a scientific, green, digitized and intelligent road of Development.
Integrated solution based on Microsoft AIOT
Virsical's AIOT intelligent IoT platform, through integrating with building space management system and various intelligent hardware and terminals, collects and analyses information such as people's behaviour, terminal equipment, and space status in the building, forming a system with information collection, resource sharing and optimized management. The digital platform realizes the digital management of enterprise scenarios such as facility management, energy saving and emission reduction, office services, monitoring and alarming, emergency services, information release, etc., effectively helping enterprises to achieve intelligent collaboration between people, objects and spaces, and realize scientific and efficient buildings, green and intelligent management.
Solution based on Microsoft Teams Room
The Microsoft Teams meeting room solution provides flexibility of purpose, and even movement throughout the space, that traditional meeting rooms cannot. For example, with Teams meeting room equipment, users can enhance collaboration using digital whiteboards and smart people-tracking cameras, ensuring that every local participant can be seen no matter where they are in the room. Any type of space and any type of meeting can be optimized using a device or Teams meeting room Teams meeting room solution.