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  • Smart Meeting

    Smart Meeting Management System allows you to book meeting rooms via Outlook, Google, Web and mobile Apps, and to message via email and SMS. You can connect it with such terminals as tablets, smart TVs and all-in-one machines for display.It enables you to book and manage meeting rooms in an easy, efficient and intuitive manner.

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  • Smart Workspace

    Smart Workspace Management System is developed to help you manage and use cubicles in a refined manner and meet the current business demands with the optimal cubicle resources.It facilitates your planning for the cubicle resources with quantified data, and assists you in reducing investment in office space and cubicle resources.

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  • Smart Signage

    Virsical Smart Signage System helps you easily manage the release of multimedia content to various display terminals via the Internet. It supports multimedia files including audio, video, picture, subtitle, MS Office document, PDF document, meeting room booking information, etc.Convenient operation, flexible display and simple management.

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  • Visitor Management

    Virsical Visitor Management integrates such Apps as the Visitor Booking System, the QR code scanning device, audio, video, access control, Smart WiFi and Smart Signage, helping you realize smart reception, information release, access control, attendance record, application for WiFi accounts, meeting room booking, guidance, among many others.

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  • Novo Nordisk

    Wafer Systems, together with Cisco, has deployed a complete set of smart office solutions including BYOD, smart network, information security, and unified communication and energy management, dramatically improving its smart office level.

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  • China-Japan Friendship Hospital

    Wafer Systems has relied on its Remote Medical System as well as Cisco’s telepresence and unified coordination solutions to provide the hospital with high-end remote medical services, including remote consultation, remote health care, remote booking, interactive remote education and virtual pathological section.

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