FQAs about Virsical

Does Virsical support the approval of users who apply for admission to the enterprise domain?

Yes. Virsical features a new function Enterprise Admin which can approve the individual who makes a self-application for admission to the enterprise domain, ensuring the security of enterprise information.

Are there any better methods available from Virsical for the ever-changing address book due to the employee replacement? After all, it is too casual to print Excel documents and too troublesome to adjust Word documents?

Yes. Virsical supports unified HR management, helping you easily control the changing address book, and freeing you from tedious adjustment.

Method 1: add the joining employee (more complete individual information can be achieved without the need to adjust the form)

Delete the leaving employee (easy to restore it at any time if any changes)

Method 2: screen out the employee who transfer for a while (the screening can be removed once the position is restored)

Method 3: describe those who hold multiple posts as part-timers (precisely search them by department)

Method 4: don’t display the undisclosed contact information (keeping your boss from unwelcome calls, you will get his higher satisfaction)

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